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Preventive Dental Care

Regular Cleanings & Exams are important for removing plaque and tartar buildup, even for patients who have very healthy teeth and gums.

Periodontal Cleanings involve scaling and root planing to clear out the periodontal pockets before Arestin® antibiotic is applied.

Fluoride Treatments involve a high concentration of fluoride being applied to the teeth to strengthen tooth enamel and reverse early signs of tooth decay.

Dental Sealants offer extra protection on the grooves of the molars to keep bacteria from collecting in hard to clean places and causing tooth decay.

Athletic Mouthguards are custom made for each patient to keep your smile protected while playing contact sports.

Nightguards hold the jaw in a comfortable position during sleep to prevent the teeth from grinding and clenching throughout the night.

Oral Cancer Screenings are quick, painless, and a crucial part of catching oral cancer early when it is highly curable.

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Restorative Dentistry

Composite Fillings restore teeth that have been damaged by tooth decay by using tooth-colored filling, restoring both the functionality and appearance of each tooth.

Traditional Crowns & Bridges are made to look like the surrounding teeth and fit comfortably over weakened or damaged teeth.

Root Canal Therapy removes the pulp from inside an infected tooth, then the tooth is cleaned, sealed, and restored with a crown or similar restoration.

Dental Implant Restorations usually involve tightening a loose implant or repairing a cracked or lost dental crown to ensure that your implant remains fully functional

Full & Partial Dentures are an excellent choice for patients who are missing many or all of their teeth, or need teeth removed and replaced.

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Cosmetic Services

Professional Teeth Whitening can be done in our office in one visit using KöR deep bleaching and custom whitening trays.

Traditional Veneers can help you change the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, like the size, shape, color, and alignment.

Invisalign® Aligner Therapy can correct mild to moderate orthodontic issues by straightening the teeth using a series of clear aligners.

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Dental Technology

Traditional dental impressions that use putty are messy, uncomfortable, and frankly, outdated.

Our practice utilizes the latest iTero scanning technology to create detailed 3-D models within minutes, so your orthodontic treatment or full mouth restoration service can be both better and more efficient.

We also have modern digital X-ray machines that can take panoramic images, so we can view the entire mouth at once to get a better look at the teeth, gums, and jawbone all together. For our cosmetic and restorative services, our team can show you exactly what you will look like with your new smile using our smile preview software.

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